Spiritual Well-Being and Coping Styles in relation to Psychological Well-being

Article Title: Spiritual Well-Being and Coping Styles in relation to Psychological Well-being of Adolescents

Author(s): Saima Dawood & Hamna Yousaf

Institute(s): Center for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2015, Vol. 13, No.2, 48-52

Correspondence Address: Assistant Professor, Center for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. E-mail: sd_khanpk@yahoo.com


The present study investigated the relationship among spiritual well-being, coping styles and psychological well-being of adolescents. A sample of 672 students (336 boys and 336 girls) of 13-19 years from government and private schools / colleges of Lahore was collected through purposive sampling. Three self report instruments: Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (OHQ, Argyle & Hills, 2002), Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWBS, Paloutzian & Ellison, 1982) and Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ, Kausar & Munir, 2004) were administered in group settings. The data were analyzed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient; Regression Analysis; and Independent Sample t test. The results indicated that psychological well-being was predicted by existential or spiritual well-being. The adolescents used more active practical and active-distractive coping and less use of avoidance focused coping. Moreover, adolescent girls showed greater religious well-being and used more active-distractive and avoidance focused coping as compared to adolescent boys. On the basis of the results, it is concluded that coping styles and existential well-being play a pivotal role in adolescents’ psychological well-being. On these grounds, it is suggested to devise some counseling program in order to teach adolescents how to handle stress and cope with it.

Keywords: psychological well-being, spiritual well-being, coping styles, adolescents

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