Influence of Idealized Fashion Models on Purchasing Behavior

Article Title: Influence of Idealized Fashion Models on Purchasing Behavior

Author(s): Tariq Jalees and Mustaghis-ur-Rehman

Institute(s): College of Management Sciences, Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology, Creek, Karachi 75190; Business Administration and Commerce, Indus University, Karachi.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 2014, Vol. 29, No. 2, 299-314

Correspondence Address: Mustaghis-ur-Rehman, Business Administration and Commerce, Indus University, Karachi. Email:


This paper examines how consumers’ perceptions of similarity, familiarity, and belief toward idealized models (celebrities) shown in advertisements influences their purchase intentions. The conceptual framework for this study is based on the theory of social comparison and the theory of attraction. Two hundred and twenty women participated in the survey. The Perceived Similarity Scale of Festinger (1954) and Cash (2008) modified by Perrier (2008) was used in this study. The rest of the measures Perceived Likeability Scale, Belief about Idealized Model Scale, and Purchase Intention Scale were developed by Perrier (2008). A positive relationship between perceived similarity and purchase intention was found. Likeability was also a significant predictor of purchase intention; whereas nonsignificant relationship was found between belief about idealized model and purchase intention. Respondents’ inference on their similarity and likeness to the idealized models perhaps was based on attitude and dresses rather than physical attributes. Additionally, exposure to idealized ultra-thin images of models and celebrities adversely affected self-perception and body image as a consequence consumer’s positive attitude toward unnecessary products increases. Implications for marketers were derived from the results.

Keywords: Idealized fashion models, purchasing behavior, purchase intention

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