Effect of Follower Goal Orientation and Behavior on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)

Article Title: Effect of Follower Goal Orientation and Behavior on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)

Author(s): Hafiza Shamaila Mehnaz, Ayaz Muhammad Khan, Gulnaz Shahzadi and Albert John

Institute(s): University of Education; National College of Business Administration and Economics Lahore*

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2018, Vol. 16, No.1, 18-26

Correspondence Addressed: Dr. Ayaz Muhammad Khan, Director Division of Education, University of Education, Township Campus Lahore Pakistan. Email: ayaz@ue.edu.pk


This study aimed at examining the influence of followers’ behaviour leader-member exchange (LMX), using two self-administered questionnaires completed by dyads (leaders and followers). The participants of the study were the leaders (30) and followers (182) from a public sector university. The findings suggested that followers’ characteristics and their behaviours were strong predictors of their leader’s perception of followers. Additionally, the study found a combined effect of followers’ behaviour and leaders’ perception in developing good quality exchange (LMX) among them. The results provide significant implications for followership research theory and extend comprehension of the role of followers in leadership research.

Keywords: goal orientation, passive/proactive behaviour, perceived follower support, LMX, followership theory

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