About Us

What is PPR-I.COM


Pakistan Psychological Research Index is a website solely made for the purpose of cataloging all the psychological research conducted in Pakistan. Psychology as a subject is growing very rapidly in Pakistan, hence all branches of psychology are seeing an increase in quality research in Pakistan. This is a platform where a student of psychology can find all the possible related information about a topic in one place.

Our Purpose

There are two main purposes for making this atlas of Pakistani Researches on the subject of Psychology.

Availability of Researches to Students

For thesis research or semester research project, every student is required to do a complete literature review on the topics they have selected. There are many sites on the internet which help us to find literature. But there is no website available on the internet which provides one-click access to all the indigenous literature available in the country. Whether this literature is in the thesis form or in the form of a research article. So this website fulfills the student’s need to find indigenous research on the topic of their choice.

Exposure to Foreign researchers

As there is no place on the internet which catalogs the tons of researches done by Pakistani psychology researchers, professors, and students. The academics and researchers of western and other countries in the world have no exposure to Pakistani Psychological literature. International psychological community can get access to such literature through PPR-i.

Categorization of Researches

We categorize researches based on some defined parameters. First and foremost PPR-i catalog researches in three distinct categories i.e. Articles, Thesis, and Tools. Further categorization is done according to subfields of Psychology e.g Health psychology, Clinical psychology, Abnormal psychology, Gender psychology, and Social Psychology, etc. PPR-i also archives researches based on the used Research Method and Research Design meaning Qualitative and Quantitative Researches are separated stored into two different categories. You can also find researches based on either quantitative statistical analysis or qualitative analysis that was used for the analysis.

To get in touch with us Email us at admin@ppr-i.com or fill the forum by going to the Contact Us page.